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Describe what you learn about Billy’s conflict in the boxed lines. He becomes “born of the snow,” as does Zlateh. Still others feel a sense of guilt for not being able to comprehend the meaning of their parents’ suffering and their own Holocaust legacy” What is Billy’s initial reaction? Find three details that convey the dangers of the weather. Even though Aaron does not want to, he knows he must “obey his father. Upon Aaron and Zlateh’s safe return, Leah makes potato pancakes every night of the Hanukkah holiday.

He’s poor but proud, always struggling against his personal, financial, and political odds to maintain his dignity and status” Flender Because the winter has been a warm one, Reuven’s business is not going well, and he will not be able to afford potato pancakes, oil, candles, and gifts for the family for Hanukkah. How does the conflict become more complicated? But his was not native English; Shub’s was. Within the books, magazines and newspapers being published, Sendak’s ethnic world was being negatively discussed as a replication of “the life which the Jews had led in eastern Europe” Hendrick At the same time, this story sits squarely within the Singer canon in its Jewish and folkloric overtones, which appear not only in Zlateh the Goat, and Other Stories but in virtually all of Singer’s work.

Zlateh the Goat

Oddly enough, however, there was one thing Elizabeth Shub could not do; she could not read Isaac Singer’s handwriting. Aaron “had always loved Zlateh, but now she was like a sister. And many of the pictures in Zlateh [ the Goat ] are portraits taken from photograph albums of people I never knew, because they died in concentration camps….

In an essay reprinted by the American P. Another holiday tradition is playing dreidel with gelt money. Aaron, however, cannot put his faith in a goat; he can only put his faith in God, and he does not fail.

The sisters feed Zlateh “a special treat of chopped carrots and potato peels. Clues of physical appearance, speech, dress, and nomenclature which—often stereotypically—might spell Jewishness to an adult reader would be illegible to most goa. Furthermore, the storm is unlike anything Aaron or Zlateh has ever seen.


No one ever thinks to sell Zlateh plt, and Reuven does not insist that his original orders be obeyed, nor does he remark upon the fact that they were not obeyed in the first place.

His work is mostly written for adults, though he has written numerous short stories for younger readers. By that time, Singer was already well established as a writer for adults; Zlateh the Goat, and Other Stories was his first book for children.

Aaron’s family had assumed that Aaron and Zlateh were dead—lost forever thw the fiagram they are overjoyed when the boy and the goat miraculously return. This shape turns out to be the diagrak that will provide Aaron and Zlateh with shelter, and Aaron knows that he and his goat are now “saved. The works of Isaac Singer and Maurice Sendak resolve the reverie of an immigrant survivor by allowing the artist to return to his family traditions and redefine his loss of ethnic heritage by preserving his family in art.

Then I would read it to him and he would correct whatever he didn’t think was right. When the storm is over, the world, too, is purified; it is “all white, quiet, dreaming dreams of heavenly splendor.

Zlateh the Goat |

Over the three days that Zlateh and Aaron shelter in the haystack waiting for the storm to end, Aaron imagines that he and Zlateh have no family and no past, that they are instead “born of the snow. Maurice Sendak is probably the best-known children’s illustrator of the twentieth century.

And those are her books, and all her Christian symbols up on the bookshelf. Where and when does this story take place? There must be something great, good, eternal” Farrell Hadda, Janet, Isaac Bashevis Singer: It is during this storm that one of Zlateh’s bleats is interpreted as meaning “We must accept all that God gives us—heat, cold, hunger, satisfaction, light, and darkness.


Although Aaron does not want to, zlatej “had to obey his father. This seems a little odd to Zlateh, but she accepts it, even appearing as if she is “eager to reward Aaron” for finding her a nest made entirely of food. Aaron’s zlatey search for Aaron and Zlateh when they are burrowed in the haystack. Over the three days, Aaron imagines llot he and Zlateh have no family and no past, that they are instead “born of the snow.

Their journeys, therefore, reflect two different perspectives of the Jewish experience, and the worlds they bring alive hold a different sense of realism for their youthful audiences. The proceeds from selling Zlateh to the butcher will help Reuven pay for the latkes and Hanukkah candles that he cannot yet afford. Writing specifically of “Zlateh the Goat,” the critic Eric A.

Singer, who was himself a Jewish emigrant, was aware of the slow death of Yiddish, and this is why he chose to continue writing in the language, telling tales of Jewish life in Europe before the Holocaust.

Although he chose to emigrate to America over going to Israel or Russia, Singer remained an exiled Jew for the major part of his life. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Singer and his older brother Joseph, also a writer, chose to immigrate in the mid-thirties, and they settled in New York City.