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I also passed on this album. I don’t think Kantos is going to go down quietly.. Cause unless that white woman is clean and really got their back I wouldnt advise being stuck with one. I’ve hated since the beginning that with his wife, he’s a drug dealing no good sneaky cheating nig but with the side turned main he legit and doing right. Streaming is the way to go. The “it doesn’t heat over the same” line makes me feel like they know this isn’t going to last much longer.. I didn’t know that. Black people will watch this because they love anytime a white or some other nonblack cosigns ratchetness whether it be with a romantic relationship, bestie, sidekick etc.

Somebody on the blog said Kris needed to stop Rob from eating naked butter. She sees the good in him. Just last month, Fantasia only sold 25k. He was playing her from jump. I dont follow what these people do and I especially dont believe a single word out of any of their mouths. I need more Tasha, though

I’m overloaded with shows. Any who how’s your baby? Well, you didn’t say he was meant to be a father. LOL Queen Sugar comes on tomorrow, be sure to tune in. Ghost was good to him. The Power writers are purposefully painting zpe wife in a negative light and made the other woman an old high school flame in order to make the affair more acceptable. On topic Zof not watching so y’all gonna have to fill me in.


In Case You Missed It: Power Season 3 Premiere, Episode 1

He did well for yrs but still had that one last score mindset. First sign of fakeness.

Any Chicagoans with natural hair in higgidy higgidy hizouse. I love your brain! I think I was schleep by Speaking at the damn convention with his immigrant self. Not sure how they met though. Trying to make Angela fetch so bad I’m so proud of Childish Gambino? He actually went to college and got his degree.

Zoe Ever After Episode 4 – Page 2 of 2 – DDotOmen

Small monthly fee vs always buying a new album that ddotonen out to be trash. IDK if he’s still chasing the white knight but that was completely out of character for Tommy to throw shade to Tasha like that. The subject matter does nothing for me. Why did he fire dude tho? Took a long time.

They provided shelter, and helped him get on his feet. I’m from Louisiana and heard that the shootings had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. Something fishy is definitely up with her. I think last week. I guess we can assume ole girl is dead cuz when Ghost got to the crib it was a blood bath in there. Point it out please. That’s adter most serious I also need Holly to kick bricks They released a statement, so I don’t think the school wanted those kind of problems. Just like Mooney would say it!


But he shole did look like an chocolate Angel when he stepped out on that porch in all white.

In Case You Missed It: Power Season 3 Premiere, Episode 1

I’m still not impressed. I didn’t care for Tasha last season. Main reason why you won’t is that it comes on Sunday.

I didn’t know that. Gave me a reason to get my whole entire self together. Now dver there is Chyna all is forgotten and reputations are back intact. That’s why these characters are so great, they are believable.

Yeah, I never saw preview either. I’m noticing how they Co-Executive Producers dddotomen a show about their lives She gonna be gone by next season.

Can’t stand that skank. Then my own big ass man got out the shower and turned it. He actually said “I’m so used to putting her first sometimes I wanna worry about me!